Press Summary

Press Summary


  1. Houthis have prepared a massive military campaign to invade south Yemen after failing to overrun Marib. /Voice of Yemen website.

  2. The UAE has provided the STC militia fighting the government in Abyan with heat seeking missiles./Multiple other websites.

  3. The Trump administration is seeking to label Houthis as a terror group. /Seerah Post.

  1. Spokesman of the Houthi militia Mohammed Abdusalam establishes investment bank in one Gulf State. /Multiple websites .

  2. UAE imports arms from N. Korea worth hundreds of millions of US dollars for its militias in Yemen, reads a headline on Newsline website.

  3. Houthis are forcing tribal chieftains in Dhamar province to mobilize new fighters to the militia’s warfronts. /Multiple websites.

  4. Puritan Houthi militants stormed 85 wedding feasts and student graduation ceremonies in five cities in the first half of 2020 arresting 220 over playing music. They blamed music for the “delay of divine victory” against the government. /Almashehad Alyemeni.

  5. A night of fierce clashes between the gov’t forces and the Houthi militia in Marib. Several attacking Houthi leaders killed. The army capturedBMB vehicle from Houthis. /Voice of Yemen.

  6. Chief of Houthi “Military Intelligence” Al-Hakem leads a fierce crackdown campaign against notaries in Sana’a citing fakeries. Three hundred notaries were arrested to President Abd Rabbu Hadi’s house in the rebel-controlled Sana’a and subjected to Houthi radical religious re-education courses. /Voice of Yemen.

  7. As fighting rages between gov’t forces and the UAE-backed STC militia in Abyan, armed drones [belonging to the STC] circle over the battle scene. /Yemen Voice.

  8. Abdullah Ismaeel: Griffiths’ settlement blueprint reflects a pressing desire to keep the war going on. /Freedom Voice








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