Houthis attack 87 parties over six months

Houthis attack 87 parties over six months

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have been attacking wedding and convocation parties in areas of their control claiming organizers play music which violates directions of their leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi.

Sources in Sana’a said that the Houthis’ violations to people’s freedoms included defining dress of women, men’s haircut style and storming wedding halls for playing music.

A local source in Sana’a said that a group of the Houthis militants stormed few days ago a wedding party hall in the Airport Street, north the capital Sana’a and shot randomly at the attendees that led to the death of one child and three people were injured among them the bridegroom.

The source said that the Houthis claimed that they stormed the hall because organizers refused to stop playing music.

Large number of parties were cancelled during the past period because of frequent intimidation led by the Houthis against parties. These intimidations are accompanied by arrests of organizers, family members to the bridegroom or singers.

Local reports said that the Houthis stormed over 85 wedding parties and convocations during the first six months of this year in Houthis-held provinces.

More than 220 family members to bridegrooms were arrested over the same reported period.

The biggest number of such attacks on parties took place in the Houthis-held Hajja province, followed by the capital Sana’a, Ibb and Dhamar.

The Houthis intensified intimidation against wedding parties since they seized control of the capital Sana’a late 2014.

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