Gov’t: Houthis use civilian detainees as hostages to exchange them with prisoners

Gov’t: Houthis use civilian detainees as hostages to exchange them with prisoners

Alsahwa Net- Member of the government’s delegation to the Prisoners’ talks, Majed Fadayel, said that the Houthis use the civilian detainees to swap them with military prisoners.

He indicated that even those who were proved innocent by illegal trials were exchanged with war prisoners including the recent released five journalists who were swapped with Houthis military prisoners.

In thread of tweets, Fadayel wrote addressing the Houthis that they signed with the government on an agreement that obliges the release of all prisoners and abductees including the four detainees included by the United Nations (UN) Security Council resolution no. 2216 on Yemen.

Both the Houthis and the government signed in December 2018 a peace agreement on Hodeida which asks for release of all prisoners and detainees.

However, the Houthis refuse the implementation of full release and insist on phase-releases following new long negotiations led by the UN in Switzerland and Jordan.

The four individuals held captives by the Houthis included in the UNSC resolution 2216 for release: former minister of defense, Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, Islah’s leader, Mohamed Qahtan, military leader, Faysal Rajab and brother to President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, Nasser Hadi.

The government and the Houthis implemented the first swap deal in mid last month that resulted into the release of 1,056 prisoners and detainees.


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