Houthi preachers say child can kill father in this case

Houthi preachers say child can kill father in this case


By Sarah Hassan

Houthi jurists delivering the Friday sermon in a north Yemen province made it legal for a child to kill their father should the father “prevent the child from joining” the armed Houthi militia.  

In a unified sermon in the mosques across the Houthi-held parts of Hajja province, the preachers said the punishment applies fathers “who disallow their child to join the Jihadist educational courses,” local sources reported.

Yemeni female activist in exile Noora Aljarawi cited in a tweet an example preacher Abdullah Hafeedh, the vicar of Hayfah village, in Aflah district, reiterating this Fatwa, or legal opinion.  

North Yemen has seen several parenticide crimes by young people radicalized by the militia.

The UN-pampered Shia militia use Takfeer, or the declaration of government supporters as Kuffar (unbelievers), to whip up hatred against the supporters of the government and the oppositionists to their theocracy in general.

Last week they organized a fighter recruitment campaign under the slogan “Harsh Against the Unbelievers.”


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