Yemen press summary & social media commentaries 2020-11-14

Yemen press summary & social media commentaries 2020-11-14


Traditional Press


  1. A Houthi gunman kills Basheer Mansour, a doctor, in front of his wife and children in his house in Sana. Source of the story: Al-Shahed News website.

  2. One man was killed and four others were critically injured in Houthi shelling in Taiz later on Saturday evening. Source: Multiple websites.

  3. Minister of local administration, the chief of the Supreme Committee for Relief Aid Aruraqeeb Fatah: The UN Special Envoy Griffiths has to abide by the decree of his appointment and should not create initiatives that go outside his mandate. Source: Aden Alghad.

  4. The Yemeni government has begun cracking down on three Houthi militants impersonating diplomats in Syrian and Iran. The Yemeni judiciary is preparing to issue arrest warrants and hand it to the Interpol to get the three arrested. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. As many as 1250 companies finance the Houthi terrorism, reads a headline on Al Islah website.

  6. A bomb explosion hits a UAE military convoy in Shabwa. Source: Multiple websites.

  7. A soldier was injured as a result of a terror attack against a UAE military convoy. Source: Ababeel Net.

  8. Yemeni Resistance Force strike a UAE convoy in Shabwa. Source: Voice of Yemen.

  9. Yemen’s presidential office says the new Cabinet is formed. The STC militia have to withdraw militarily first as per the Riyadh Agreement in order to declare the names. Source: Multiple websites.

  10. Heavy explosion rocks Sana’a. Source: Multiple websites.

  11. The army storms Houthi outposts in the mountainous areas to the east of Sana’a. Source: Multiple websites.

  12. Ahlam, a widowed mother of five lives a tragic life in displacement after Houthi landmine killed her husband, reads a headline on Aden Alghad.

  13. Explosions rock Taiz as Houthis shell the city, triggering clashes with the army. Source: Multiple websites.




Social Media


  1. Time for the Yemenis to quit chewing Qat. Facebook post by Sami Saeed.

  2. I am skeptical about the attack on the UAE convoy in Shabwa. It coincides with the request of visiting European journalists to visit Balhf LNG plant, which the UAE forces declined to. It strongly looks like it is meant to convey the message to the journalists that the UAE is struggling against terrorism in Shabwa, and so it is justified to keep occupying the gas facility of the Yemeni people. No attack against UAE forces in Shabwa was ever heard of before this one ! Why only now?!! A Facebook post by Abu al-Hassan.




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