News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-11-13

News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-11-13



  1. Houthis flooded Aljawf fronts with hundreds of fighters as part of their non-stopping mad dashes to try to advance in the desert province, but mostof them were killed with the aid of Coalition strikes. Source Belqees, Yemen Shabab and several other media outlets.

  2. Again the Houthi militia use mosques to appeal to the people in Sana’a to join the warfronts after the massive losses of the past days. Source: Khabar News Agency and other websites.

  3. Houthis launch surprise attacks on Marib, and fighting has raged in the western front of the province. Source: Alyemeni Alyawm.

  4. A woman has just been killed and her children injured in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in the road between Marib and Alyatamah district of Aljawf. Source: Barakesh News.

  5. Businessman Shawki Hayel, [the chairman of Tadhamon Islamic Bank, seized by the Houthis in Sana’a] enters into public confrontation with the militia in Sana’a, reads the headline of Al-Shahed News.

  6. The commander of the Houthi Battalion Sujjad 1 Aseel Al-Ahdal was killed along with a number of escorts in an Arab Coalition strike near Marib on Thursday, Al-Mashehad Alyemeni website published quoting ‘sources from the battlefield.’
  7. Heavy clashes resume between the government forces and the UAE-backed STC militia in Abyan. Source: Multiple websites.

  8. Houthis continue “suicidal” attempts, or mad dashes to try to press forward on the army’s outposts near Marib. Source: Multiple websites.
  9. Saudi forces destroy two Houthi bomb-laden boats, and extinguish fire in oil platform in Saudi city of Jazan. Source: Multiple websites.

  10. Infographic: Six common denominators between Houthis and Nazism, reads a headline on Al-Thawra.

  11. The Tihami Resistance Force accuse Tareq Saleh [a supposed ally in the Western Coast] of assassinating their leaders. Source: Aden Net.

  12. A team of western journalists is visiting Shabwa to report on the prosperous province. Source: Multiple websites.

  13. The UAE forces controlling Yemen’s LNG plant of Balhaf have banned the European journalists from visiting the occupied facility. Source: Bawabati.

  14. Houthis are vehemently seeking to include their female expert in landmine planting Sameera Maresh in any coming prisoner exchange deal with the government. Source: Multiple websites.

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