One enforced disappeared person died in Houthis-run prison

One enforced disappeared person died in Houthis-run prison

Alsahwa Net- The Abductees’ Mothers Association, condemned on Thursday constant abuses against enforced disappeared people.

It said in a statement circulated to media outlets that the Houthis continue torturing enforced disappeared people to death in secret prisons.

The last case of this practice is Ali Marzooq Al-Jaradi, 18 years old who was abducted by the Houthis militants from his home in Nehm district late last April.

The association said that the Al-Jaradi had been forcibly disappeared since his abduction and his family had no information about his location of detention.

The Houthis informed Al-Jaradi’s family on 10 November about his death claiming that he committed a suicide in the prison, according to the statement.

It said that the family rejected receiving the dead body and demanded an investigation of his death.

His family found marks of torture on his body when checked the dead body at the Morgue of Al-Thawra Hospital in the capital Sana’a.

The association condemned strongly what has happened against Al-Jaradi and held the Houthis accountable to his death.

It said that it reported death of 83 enforced disappeared people under torture while being held in secret detention facilities.

It demanded the United Nations (UN) to exercise pressures on the Houthis to disclose fate of enforced disappeared people and to ensure no impunity to perpetrators of enforced disappearances and torture. 

It called on human rights organizations to support demands and defending to the rights of the enforced disappeared people.

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