Sana’a: Houthi extremists torture own loyalist to death

Sana’a: Houthi extremists torture own loyalist to death

As a constant part of the Houthi six years of violence, the Houthi torture-to-death crimes seem to be starting to extend into the militia’s increasingly dividing ranks.

Sources close to Abduljalil Izzi Hashem Al-Wazir (pictured), a judge in the theocratic militia’s self-styled judiciary, told al-Asimah Online news website on Wednesday that he had just died of torture after three days of detention in the “Criminal Investigation” jail in Sana’a.

Marks of torture were noticed on his body, said the sources adding that he fell out with a fellow senior militiaman before he was kidnapped and thrown into the jail.

The Houthi militia have tortured to death and disability at least hundreds of people, mostly government supporters, over the past six years. The rate of such crimes has picked up the pace in the recent months and weeks, and Al-Sahwa has reported on many torture-to-death crimes within the past two months.

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