News Digest from Yemen websites 2020-11-10

News Digest from Yemen websites 2020-11-10


  1. Dep. Foreign Minister Mansour Bajjash: The Houthi attack on Marib has re-displaced thousands of civilians. Source of the story: Yemen Talk

  2. A woman and a child were injured in fire shooting by the Houthi militia in Ibb. Source: Al-Sahwa Net.

  3. The STC militia has set up a new military camp in Socotra archipelago. Source: Multiple websites.

  4. A series of Arab Coalition strikes target Houthi military reinforcements in Saadah, Aljawf and Marib. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. Saudi mine action program MASAM destroys 3450 landmines and UXOs in Marib. Source: Khabar News Agency.

  6. As clashes with the government forces renew, the STC has deployed huge military reinforcements to Zunjubar of Abyan. Source: Almasdar Online.

  7. The government accuses the Houthis of failing the oil import mechanism and confiscating YR 50 billion meant as salaries for public employees. Source: Yemen Sky

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