Gov’t official: Houthis continue hampering solution to Safer tanker

Gov’t official: Houthis continue hampering solution to Safer tanker

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said that time is running out o avert the looming catastrophe by the Safer tanker docking off Ras Issa Port in the Red Sea as the Houthis continue their defiance to permit repairing of the decaying tanker.

Acting Minister of Fishery Wealth, Fahd Kefayen, said that the Houthis continue hampering national and international efforts aimed at removing the crude oil from the tanker.

He said that if no action has been taken, about 1.14 million barrels of oil would spill into the Red Sea water and this would cause unprecedent disaster on the marine life and the whole Red Sea region.

He said that the government works on resolving the issue in flexible manner and it expressed its readiness to remove the oil on the basis that sales revenues to be spent on the health sector and humanitarian side.

He said that the government seeks more pressures by the International community on the Houthis to permit the United Nations (UN) experts access the tanker and do the required repairing.

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