Houthis continue detaining veteran Yemeni politician

Houthis continue detaining veteran Yemeni politician

Alsahwa Net- The family to the Yemeni enforced disappeared politician Mohamed Qahatn demanded again on Sunday his release from the Houthis-run prison.

In a tweet, his daughter, Fatima Qahtan wrote that “we are banned from communication with him despite years of forcible disappearance.”

“We just demand his release and end this years-long disappearance,” Qahtan said.

The Houthis abducted Qahtan on 4 April 2015 and banned him visitation and communication and his whereabouts remain unknown since his disappearance.

She indicated that the Houthis’ representative to the Prisoners’ Exchange Committee, Abdulqader Al-Murtada affirmed his group’ readiness to negotiate the release of former minister of defense, general Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, general Faysal Rajab and the politician Qahatn.

“We renew our demand the release of our father,” she said.


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