Griffiths hands over final draft of Yemen’s peace plan

Griffiths hands over final draft of Yemen’s peace plan

Alsahwa Net- A source of the United Nations (UN) said that parties to the conflict in Yemen received on Monday the final draft of the UN-drafted joint peace plan.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths has been working on this peace draft with the government and the Houthis since early this year.

The Turkish-Anadolu News Agency quoted a source of the Griffiths’ Office in Yemen that both the government of Yemen and the Houthis received the final draft to end the fighting in Yemen.

The source who requested anonymity because he is unauthorized to speak to the press, said that the UN draft includes ceasefire, resumption of political talks and taking economic and humanitarian measures to alleviate suffering of the Yemeni people.

The ceasefire must be effective upon signing of the daft by the two parties to the conflict, according to the source.

A UN-headed military coordination to be formed with members from both the government and the Houthis, the source said.

It indicated that part of the peace draft is also the release of all prisoners, detainees and enforced disappeared people in line to the Stockholm agreement.

Disbursement of monthly salaries to the public servants according to lists of 2014 is one crucial part of the UN final draft to end the conflict in Yemen, the source said. 

It added that the draft includes also reopening of the Houthis-held Sana’a Airport, lifting restrictions on entrance of commercial vessels and fuel imports and immediate permission to the repairing of the Safer floating tanker.

The government of Yemen and the Houthis released no comment yet on the draft news.

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