About 50 Houthis militants killed over one week

About 50 Houthis militants killed over one week

Alsahwa Net- Around 50 Houthis militia leaders were killed during the first week of November, the Yemeni army said.

Foreign experts of arms making are among the reported dead leaders, the mouthpiece of the Yemeni army 26 September said.

It indicated that two experts from Lebanese Hezbollah were killed by a Saudi-led air strike during the same reported period.

The airstrike targeted the two experts while in a weapon store of military barracks in Arhab, north the capital Sana’a on 3 November.

Ali Hussein Al-Mutwakel and Bakeel Al-Ghathi are among the top Houthis leaders who were killed over the past week.

Nasraldin Al-Osaili who was commanding the Houthis’ militants in south Marib, was also killed during clashes with the Yemeni armed forces.

Abdulmalik Haidra who was commanding the Houthis’ attack on west Marib was also reported killed during the recent fighting with the government forces.

This comes amid ongoing intense fighting between the government forces and the Houthis in several fronts.

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