UN concerns over famine outbreak in Yemen

UN concerns over famine outbreak in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- A recent joint statement by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) said that Yemen and other three countries are at risk to famine. 

Northeast of Nigeria, Burkina Faso and South Sudan and Yemen are among the most vulnerable countries to the risk of famine, according to the joint statement.

“Four countries contain areas that could soon slip into famine if conditions there undergo “any further deterioration over the coming months,” the statement said.

It affirmed that developments in those countries are confined to the access to humanitarian aids and continuous funding to humanitarian operations.

14 million people in Yemen depend on humanitarian aids and the rest of the total 29 million population face risk of food insecurity amid soaring prices of basic commodities and devaluation of the national currency.

The WFP in Yemen said that Millions are trapped in a cycle of conflict and hunger and that cost of basic foods has become much more expensive.

The UN said earlier that parts of Yemen will see higher levels of acute malnutrition among children.

It said that contributing factors to the acute malnutrition have worsened in 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19, economic deterioration, floods, fighting escalation and huge shortage of funding to this year’s operations.

The acute malnutrition among children below five years old increased about ten percent in 2020 in south Yemen according to the UN integrated food security phase classification.

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