MSF: Shelling on civilians of Taiz in unacceptable

MSF: Shelling on civilians of Taiz in unacceptable

Alsahwa Net- Doctors without Borders (MSF) said on Saturday that the ground shelling on the people of Taiz is unacceptable.

“The increasing ground shelling that is landing on civilian areas in Taiz city is unacceptable,” the MSF said.

The organization said on its twitter account that 13 wounded including a child were treated at the MSF-supported Al-Thawra Hospital as a result of the shelling on civilian areas in Taiz.

It affirmed that “all precaution measures should be taken to avoid civilians’ casualties.”

Local sources quoted by the local news website Al-Masdar online said on Saturday that the Houthis bombed using tanks and artillery quarters of Al-Ashbat, Al-Shamasi and Al-Thawra east Taiz. The shelling targeted also Usaifra and Jara mountain north Taiz city.

Preliminary reports said that six civilians were wounded among them one child as a result of three Houthis-fired shells landed on Al-Ashabt quarter east of Taiz.

The number of victims is expected to raise in the next hours, the sources said.

The National Committee to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights reported death and injury of 25 civilians among them 15 children as a result of shelling by the Houthi during the past two weeks on quarters north and east of Taiz.

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