Gov’t condemns new Houthis’ massacre in Taiz

Gov’t condemns new Houthis’ massacre in Taiz

Alsahwa Net-Ministry of Human Rights condemned on Thursday a new massacre committed by the Houthis on Wednesday against civilian quarter in Taiz.

The Houthis attack on the Al-Khair quarter lin the city of Taiz led to the death of one child and injury of three others.

The ministry called on international organization concerned with human rights to assume their responsibility and condemn such attacks.

It indicated that everyone must assume responsibility to end civilians’ suffering in the besieged Taiz city.

It also slammed the silence by the United Nations (UN) on such incidents and called on the UN Special Envoy to assume his responsibility to stop such attacks on civilians and lift the Houthis’ blockade on Taiz as this was stipulated in the Stockholm agreement.

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