Houthis collects 20 percent of tuition in private education

Houthis collects 20 percent of tuition in private education

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis issued new decision allowing them to collect 20 percent of tuition in private schools in areas of their control, a source in Sana’a said.

The new decision led to increase of the tuition in the private schools.

Parents in the Houthis-held areas reported that this year’ tuition increased to YR160,000 to YR190,000 per one student plus the fees for textbooks and the school uniform.

The source said that the new decision obliges schools to allocate between five to ten free seats to children of Houthis dead fighters.

The source who requested anonymity for safety reasons, said that the Houthis turned the private education into a channel of financial resources to gain new wealth. 

The public revenues in the Houthis-held areas are already under their control and collected funds go the private pockets of the Houthis’ corrupted officials.

And within their continuous indoctrination of children, the Houthis’ education minister asked his officers to visit private schools and oblige them to do compulsory indoctrination programs to promote the Houthis’ ideology.

Sources quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper, said that the Houthis’ education committees forced first grade-students of the primary education to chant the Houthis’ scream and to listen to ideological inciting lectures delivered by the Houthis’ leaders.  

The legitimate government said the Houthis continue committing serious violations against the education including suspension of monthly payments to the public teachers and change of the textbooks to promote their extreme ideology.

The government officials say that the only way to end the Houthis’ violations against the education is to finalize liberation of Yemen from the Houthis’ control.

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