Released journalist transferred to hospital

Released journalist transferred to hospital

Alsahwa Net-One of the recently released journalists, Hesham Tarmoom was transferred on Wednesday to the hospital following his health deterioration due to chronic diseases he contracted while in the Houthis-run detention for over five years.

A source close to Tarmoom said that the latter has been admitted to the hospital for the third time since his release last mid-October within the United Nations (UN)-sponsored exchange agreement on prisoners and detainees.

The source said that Tarmoom and other released journalists suffer bad health conditions and marks of torture remain visible on them which require urgent treatment and rehabilitation programs to enable them start new life.

Other journalists remain in the Houthis detention and the longer they stay in prison, their health deteriorate more.

Tarmoom was released along with Hesham Al-Yousufi, Hasan Anab, Esam Balghaith and Haitham Al-Shehab from the Houthis-run prison within the UN-supervised exchange agreement on detainees.

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