Socotra is not sable, even though it is under STC’s sole control

Socotra is not sable, even though it is under STC’s sole control


Socotra is not secure and stable even though it has for months under the sole control of the militia of the Southern Transitional Council, daily reports from the remote Yemeni Indian Ocean Island confirm.

“The UAE-backed fascist militia keep triggering unprovoked emergencies, curfews and crackdowns on government-era soldiers and employees in civilian offices such as the local seaport; banishing people, native and mainlanders, from time to time out of the island; fabricating armed clashes and finding reasons to start them, even though there is no rival faction to exchange fire with,” Abdullah Ali, an analyst who follows Socotra’s news said.   

“It is just a malignant desire by the occupant to perpetuate disturbance. You only need to follow the news and what they have been doing since they captured island on June, 19,” he says.

 “It is are a reflection of the magnitude of hatred directed at us, the Yemenis. The STC in the south and the Houthis in the north are the tools in the relentless and pointless chaos project” that the foreign conspirators have drawn for Yemen.

Ali says the last nail in the coffin of the Yemeni sovereignty over Socotra is “what we heard today: Yemeni mainlanders being recruited for jobs in the island are labeled by employment offices as ‘expats.’”

Meanwhile, different Yemeni media outlets with sources in the island reported the deployment of a military convoy in different parts of the island especially the seaport and the district of Qolonsiya.



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