Health authority holds Houthis accountable to polio return

Health authority holds Houthis accountable to polio return

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Public Health and Population, Nasser Baoum, said on Tuesday that the appearance of new polio cases since Yemen was declared free of the virus infection in 2006 is an inevitable result of the Houthis’ ban to vaccination in Sa’ada province.

In an online video meeting with the World Health Organization (WHO) office and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) office and the WHO Regional Representative in Cairo, Baoum called on the need to support the government’s efforts on controlling the outbreak of the polio from Sa’ada province to other provinces.

He affirmed on the need to carry out polio vaccination campaigns in Sa’ada, Hajja, Amran and Al-Jawf to prevent the spread of the virus to other areas.

He said that he directed the surveillance teams to report any case on time.

Representatives of the organizations talked about steps they take to prevent the spread of the polio virus and their readiness to provide vaccines and implement required campaigns in the targeted governorates.

They talked about obstacles when implementing campaigns especially in Houthis-held areas.

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