EU to host humanitarian meeting on Yemen

EU to host humanitarian meeting on Yemen

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Najeeb Al-Awj discussed on Tuesday with the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, arrangements for the upcoming senior humanitarian officials meeting on Yemen.

The two-day meeting is scheduled to take place between 12 to 13 November and it is hosted by the EU and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

During the video-online meeting, Al-Awj appreciated the EU support to Yemen as a key and effective partner in supporting the political process, humanitarian response and development.

He said that the government seeks more cooperation in common aspects to strengthen political dialog, trade and economic cooperation.

Al-Awj highlighted challenges that face the humanitarian work particularly restrictions imposed by the Houthis that impede delivery of aids to vulnerable groups.

He indicated that technical obstacles including poor diagnosis of the humanitarian situation and poor transparency mechanism and evaluation by the United Nations (UN) agencies and international NGOs also exist.

He added that some organizations do not commit to the agreed response plan on linking the relief work with the development to contribute at peacebuilding and create job opportunities as well as supporting the economic growth and projects that assist at overcoming economic and social repercussions of COVID-19.

He indicated that the implementation base of the response plan is accessible only by the international NGOs whereas national institutions and the private sector are not engaged in the progress of implementation.

For his part, Grundberg talked about the EU coordination with Sweden to arrange with donors worldwide for the upcoming humanitarian meeting.

He indicated that the meeting is significant for discussing key issues particularly restrictions on the aid work that impact performance of the projects and their implementation.

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