Yemen news digest from websites. 2020-11-02

Yemen news digest from websites. 2020-11-02



  1. The UK, Germany, the Netherlands and France are financing a UN mission of experts to carry out maintenance for the decaying Yemeni oil tanker of Safer in the Red Sea. Source of the story: Almashehad Adowali.

  2. Twitter blocks the account of Hassan Eyrlo, the Iranian militant, who was smuggled to Yemen in an unknown way and was named by Iran as its ambassador to the Houthis. Source: Multiple websites.

  3. The former chief of the Yemen Journalists Union Abdulbari Taher has received a death threat message in Sana’a. Source: Multiple websites.

  4. Hadi insists on the Southern Transitional Council’s implementation of the military aspect of the Riyadh Agreement first, to be followed by the formation of shared Cabinet. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. Unknown gunmen hurl sound bomb on premises of a French organization in Aden. Source: Almasdar Online.

  6. Sources in the Yemeni presidential office say a new government is most likely to be named within two days. Source: Sama Press.

  7. Arab Coalition warplanes destroy a launch pad for Houthi missiles. Source: Sama Press.

  8. The UK has changed its ambassador to Yemen. Seerah Post and other wesites.

  9. Demonstrators in Mualla, Aden, burned the French flag in protest at cartoons. Source: Mareb Press.

  10. The dirty arm of Houthis “Zaynabiyat” [an extremist female militia ] attack female inmates in Sana’a Central Security Jail. Source: Anaween Post.

  11. The Houthi militia have given desert locusts sufficient time to swarm Yemeni crops in their controlled regions. Headline of an Almashehad Alyemeni story.

  12. Houthi corruption and greed in private wealth of farmers has left agriculture in tatters in the regions under the rebel militia’s control. A report by Almashehad Alyemeni.

  13. The Houthi militia in Sana’a buried 550 fighters they sacrificed in the battle against the government forces on different warfronts during the month of October. Source: Almashehad Adowali.

  14. A Yemeni child who holds the US nationality was shot dead in California. Source: Yemen Voice.

  15. Heavy Houthi shelling with tanks and howitzer on eastern Taiz, plumes of smoke rise. Source: Several social media users in Taiz.

  16. UAE-backed forces arrest the Director of Socotra Seaport. Source: Multiple websites.

  17. A UAE intelligence cell has arrived in Socotra to hunt government officials. Voice of Freedom.

  18. Deputy chief of the Southern Transitional Council Hani Breik says: We devise our own solutions and our interests are what determine our orientations. The headline of a story on Aden Alghad.

  19. The Houthi militants are fleeing Marib warfronts carrying their dead militants on their backs. A headline on Voice of Yemen website.

  20. Multiple news websites covered the revelations by Yemen’s former Transports Minister Saleh Aljabwani yesterday that “the UAE deposited a huge amount of money” into the bank account of “a senior Yemeni government official” who gave the UAE the greenlight to carry out an airstrike against his country’s army in 2019. Aljabwani said the UAE depoisted the amount to the official’s account after its warplanes genocided off 300 Yemeni troopers who were amassing in Al-Alam region trying to capture Aden back from the STC putschists in August 2019.

Aljabwani’s tweet read: “After Al-Alam massacre, the UAE deposited a huge amount in the account of the top executed official who turned part of the money into a magnificent real estate in [the Egyptian capital] Cairo. In the meantime, other amounts were given to five other government officials – I have their names. They were tasked with preparing reports and communicating the message to major world countries that the national army is composed of Muslim Brotherhood militias and terrorists.”


  1. Wide calls for prosecuting and executing a senior government official accused of treason, reads one headline on Siyaj Post.
  2. PM Maeen Abdulmalik faces treason charges. Source: Mareb Press.

  3. Seven civilians have been killed by Houthi shelling on north and east Taiz. Source: Almasdar Online.

  4. The Yemeni currency continues to plunge down. Source: Multiple websites

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