Oil Minister: Safer’ s condition is worsening

Oil Minister: Safer’ s condition is worsening

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Oil and Minerals, Aws Al-Oud, said on Monday that the condition of Safer floating tanker in Ras Issa, north Hodeida is worsening every day amid Houthis’ hindrance to the United Nations (UN) technical experts to access and repair the vessel.

In a statement published by the state-run Saba News Agency, Al-Oud held the Houthis accountability to consequences of their constant hindrance and delay of removing the oil from the tanker which would cause environmental disaster.

He said while the world observes for environmental and economic disaster in the Red Sea because of the Safer floating tanker, the Houthis continue their defiance to permit the UN remove the oil from the tanker.

He added that the government held the Houthis full responsibility to such acts which will lead to large-scale woes including damaging of the biodiversity in over 100 Yemeni islands in the Red Sea, sweeping thousands of Yemeni fishermen out of their profession and destroying hundreds of fish species and fishery wealth.

He called on the UN and its Special Envoy to Yemen to assume their responsibility towards the Safer issue and exercise more pressures on the Houthis to permit safe removing the crude oil out of the tanker.


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