Houthis’ corruption damage agriculture

Houthis’ corruption damage agriculture

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis’ corruption has decreased agricultural production into significant levels compared to the situation before the coup in late 2014.

Sources quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper said that that contribution of the agriculture to the gross domestic production (GDP) went from 14 percent prior the Houthis’ coup to below five percent. 

Officials of the Agriculture said that workers in the farming sector decreased from 54 percent in 2010 to less than 10 percent in 2020.

Officials who requested anonymity for safety reasons said that the productivity of crops has also decreased because of systematic stealing and damaging practices by the Houthis officials. 

The use of landmines in agricultural lands and collection of illegal and forcible donation have led to low productivity and decreased the number of farmers, the sources said.

The farming of coffee was badly affected by the Houthis’ practices against farmers, the sources indicated.

The Houthis’ defiance to the government’ regulation on the import of fuel has created acute fuel shortage in the Houthis-held areas that in turn has damaged crops in farms.

Several crops depend on diesel-generators water pumping systems for irrigation whereby thousands of crops were damaged in farm due to the diesel shortage.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) said that Yemen’s cereal production of this year will not pass over 365,000 metric tons which is half size the usual volume prior the fighting.

The Technical and Development Cooperation Agency, a French-based NGO, called for supporting farmers to assist them stay on farms and restore livelihoods.

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