News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-10-29

News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-10-29

  1. Hassan Eyrlo, the Iranian envoy to the Houthi Movement (pictured) showed up flanked by Houthi militiamen in al-Sabeen Square in Sana’a where the Houthi militia organized the Prophet’s Birthay. Source: Siyaj Post.
  1. Government authorities have arrested a Houthi cell that planned to attack army commanders in Beihan of Shabwah. Source: Nabdh Al-Share’a
  2. UN Special Envoy calls on Yemeni parties to allow for participation of women representatives in the [government-Houthi] negotiations. Source: Hadharem Net.
  3. The Yemeni Riyal currency loses value at alarming rate. Source: Multiple websites.
  4. Houthis bury the dossier on the assassination of [militia’s “Sports Minister”] Hassan Zayd before his corpse. Source: Seerah Post.
  5. Why only the Hashemites of Sana’a are being assassinated, reads the headline of a Yemen Voice report.
  6. The British ambassador in a tweet seeks to impose on Hadi and the Houthis to accept Griffiths’ peace plan. Source:multiple websites.
  7. Minister of State, Mayor of Sana’a says the British ambassador has addressed President Hadi in a blatant manner and a line should be drawn to stop him. Source: Almostakbal Online.
  8. A tweet by the British ambassador provokes anger across the community of Yemeni activists. Source: Voice of Freedom.
  9. Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami reveals on his ministry’s twitter account that the Yemeni government is coming under pressure from the brotherly countries and the UK in a way that harms the Yemeni sovereignty. Source: Marib Press.
  10. Educational sources warn of Houthi plot to recruit new 50 thousand students to the warfronts. Source: Several websites.
  11. Activist Iyad Al-Radfani: Liberating the government from foreign control is more important than liberating Sana’a. Source: Aden Alghad.
  12. A trailer was destroyed in explosion of Houthi-laid landmine between Aljawf and Marib. Source: Yemen Talk
  13. The Chairwoman of the Women for Peace Nora Aljarawi said the Houthi militiaman Sultan Zaben is the mastermind of arrests and torture of oppositionist women in Sana’a. Zaben is the Houthi militia’s “Director of the Criminal Investigation Department.”


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