News digest & common theme from Yemeni media 2020-10-27

News digest & common theme from Yemeni media 2020-10-27


  • Traditional Press
  1. Two people were killed and three others were injured when a Houthi militant hurled grenade at a fancy restaurant in Sana’a early today, multiple websites reported quoting local sources.

  2. The Houthi rebel militia’s self-styled Youth and Sports Minister Hassan Zayd and his daughter were killed in downtown Sana’a on Tuesday afternoon as gunmen opened fire on him while driving in Hadda street. Source of the story: Multiple websites.
  3. Who killed Hassan Zayd: The Houthis or Iran?, reads the headline of Seerah Post.
  4. The Houthi militia assassinate Hassan Zayd in downtown Sana’a, reads the headline of The Voice of Freedom.
  5. Who is the murderer of Hassan Zayd and Why?, reads the headline of Sana’a Online.
  6. Yemeni Political Researcher: An Iranian cell has assassinated Hassan Zayd, while Tehran is intent on keeping the Houthis a brainless tool for committing crimes. The headline of a story by Almashehad Alkhaleeji.

  7. The army has foiled a new attempt to bomb the main oil pipeline in Shabwah. Source: The Voice of Freedom.

  8. The Houthi militia have stopped the work of local and international organizations in their regions of control. Source: Almeethak News.

  9. The army has arrested 20 Houthi militants in Beer Almarazeek of Aljawf. Source: Multiple websites.

  10. “Sources close to Hassan Zayd’s family reveal that senior Houthi leaders plotted his murder. Here are their names,” reads the headline of Yemen Voice.

  11. Houthi snakes are biting one another, reads the headline of Seerah Post.
  12. Ten army officers were killed and injured early today in the explosion of a bomb planted in their military pickup car in Alhuwami, Lahj, a former borderline region between north and south Yemen. Source: multiple websites.
  13. Undeclared state of emergency in Sana'a, reads the headline of a story in Almashehad Alyemeni.

  14. The Yemeni Riyal continues to lose value. Source: multiple websites.

  15. Army spokesman: Our forces are pressing forward with successful offensive attacks and liberating new outposts, reads the headline of Almotamar Press.

  • Social media
  1. Sana’a is safe for no one. A facebook post by Rashad Sufyan.

  2. Hyenas are fighting between themselves. Facebook post by Ali Naji on Facebook.

  3. Political Hashemism [the state of being Hashemite – the dynasty to which Houthi theocratic supremacists belong] is more a danger to Hashmites themselves than anything else. Because it is a violence machine that spares no one …and eventually destructs itself. Facebook post by Nabil Albukiri.

  • Common theme

As the press summary above obviously suggests, most Yemeni commentators on news websites and social media automatically attributed Zayd’s assassination to “an infighting” between rival ranks of the extremist theocratic militia. Many stories laid the blame on the feet of Houthi militia with two warlords Yahya Al-Shami or Mohammed al-Houthi as proposed perpetrators, citing heated exchanges between them and the slain Zayd.

Seeing it as a new development in the quite rivalry, some  summed it up by saying “the bitch has started to eat its puppies.”

As for the attitudes, Zayd’s death was largely rejoiced by most commentators given the man’s history as a terrorist element red-handed with the blood of thousands of Yemeni children, and responsible for radicalizing thousands of Yemeni children and turning them to fearless killers in the ranks of his theocratic militia. His notorious call in 2017 for “schools to be closed for one whole year” to conscript “hundreds of thousands” of students to the warfronts was bitterly recalled.

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