EU: Houthis would be accountable to regional catastrophe

EU: Houthis would be accountable to regional catastrophe

Alsahwa Net- The European Union (EU) delegation to Yemen said on Tuesday that the Houthis would be accountable to any possible regional catastrophe from the floating Safer tanker.   

“The EU Heads of Mission to Yemen are deeply concerned about the situation regarding the FSO Safer off the coast of Hodeida in the Red Sea,” a statement by the EU delegation said.

It added that the Houthis “must therefore act with a sense of urgency and responsibility.”

“The EU Heads of Mission also call on the parties to adhere to the subsequent expert recommendations of the assessment. The EU Heads of Mission emphasize that it is in the interest of the highly vulnerable Yemeni population that everything is done to prevent a possible catastrophe,” the statement said.

It indicated that scientific studies have shown that a significant oil spill would most probably leave the port of Hodeida out of operation, and thus impacting the food security of millions of Yemenis, according to the statement.

 In addition, it would heavily affect fisheries in the Red Sea coast as well as the marine ecosystem and may affect maritime trade, the statement noted.

It said that the likely loss of buoyancy of the oil would further complicate any clean-up operation. 

It explained that in the event of an explosion or fire, a massive toxic smoke plum would have a severe effect on respiratory health and agricultural crops, putting pressure on a healthcare system already exhausted from conflict, cholera and COVID-19.

 The oil tanker has been unmaintained for the last five years and is at imminent risk of producing a major health, environmental and economic catastrophe affecting millions of people in Yemen and beyond.

It called on the Houthis “to fully co-operate with the UN by allowing the team of experts to have unhindered access to the vessel and without preconditions or delay.”

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