Yemen News Digest from websites 2020-10-24

Yemen News Digest from websites 2020-10-24

  1. Unrelenting Houthi attempts and unrewarding sacrifice of lives to achieve (military) advance on Marib. Source of the story: Mandab Press.
  2. Multiple websites reported about the army repelling Houthi attacks on Marran of Saada, Marib, Aljawf, Hodeidah and all other fronts.

  1. Houthis set mosque on fire after worshippers refused to chant the militia’s slogan “Death to America.” Source of the story: Multiple websites including Almanarah Net.

  2. Thirteen Houthi militants and three government soldiers were killed in Houthi attack on Marib. Source: Multiple websites including Almasdar Online.
  3. The Houthi militia have injured two staff members of the Hope Hospital for Tumors Treatment and other civilians in heavy shelling on downtown Taiz since the beginning of the day (Saturday). Source: Multiple websites including Sana’a Online.
  4. Heavy explosions are heared as Houthis shell Taiz city. Source: Seerah Post.

  5. The Houthi militia have committed more than17 thousand human rights violations in central Yemen’s Ibb province in six years. Source: Aden Alghad.
  6. Men and women were injured on Saturday as gunman opens fire on them in Ibb. Source: Crater Sky

  7. The GPC party will have the lion’s share in the government due to be formed. Source: Multiple websites.

  8. Five coronavirus patients have recovered in Hadhramout, the national Commission on Coronavirus said on Friday. Source: Almanarah Net.

  9. Shabwa governor forms an ad hoc probe panel into allegations of corruption in the local Company for Oil. Source: Alharf28.

  10. Two Houthi landmines experts were killed and other militiamen were injured when the landmines they were trying toplant in Murasy of Dhale’a exploded in their face. Source: Almasdar Online.

  11. Several activists have unveiled that the Houthi militia is digging tens of graves to bury civilians they had killed under torture in jails. The militia claims the bodies belong to unknown persons and need to be disposedof. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni, Marebpress and multiple other websites.


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