Houthis continue torturing detainees

Houthis continue torturing detainees

Alsahwa Net- Houthis militants continue inflicting various forms of torture on civilian detainees amidst lack of monitoring by human rights organizations.

The recent swap of prisoners and detainees between the government and the Houthis rebels revealed horrific stories on torture of detainees held captives by the Houthis.

Every released detainee has a bunch of stories to tell whereabouts of his arrest, torture, enforced disappearance and deprive of health care and ban of communication with family.

Such under-reported crimes have resulted into the death of scores of detainees and others were released with permanent impairments.

Those released detainees were arrested from workplaces or home and they were exchanged with Houthis military prisoners captured by the government forces while fighting for the Houthis’ side. 

Majority of the civilian detainees released by the Houthis were taken to medical clinics upon their arrival to the government-held areas.

Family to one of the released detainees confirmed that they paid the Houthis YR one million for his medical treatment. However, they found him having no memory upon his release within the recent exchange of prisoners and detainees.

Jamal Al-Ma’mari, is one renowned civilian detainee who was released paralyzed from the Houthis-run prison though he was arrested prior the launch of the Saudi-led military campaign. 

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