Gov’t official: Shabwa is safe for foreign oil companies

Gov’t official: Shabwa is safe for foreign oil companies

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Aws Al-Oud said on Thursday that Shabwa province is safe for the return of foreign oil firms to resume operations.

He affirmed on the need to open coordination offices in Shabwa to companies to ease doing business.

Al-Oud voiced this during the convocation of Oil College students from Shabwa province with the presence of Oil Ministry Office director, Saeed Al-Marnoom.

Al-Oud discussed with the possibility of offering training opportunities to the students in oil blocks. 

He affirmed that this is possible when oil companies resume operations in Shabwa and elsewhere of the country.

He called on the need for students to join the oil institute in Shabwa upon its completion to polish their professional skills.

Head of the Students’ Union, Yousuf Al-Marzaqi handed over lists of the undergraduate students who finished their studies in oil, gas, geology and oil economies to find them job opportunities according to their majors.  

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