News digest from Yemeni websites 2020-10-22

News digest from Yemeni websites 2020-10-22



  1. A man was killed and three including a young girl were injured in Houthi shelling south of Hodeidah. Source of the story: Alhrar Net.

  1. Yemeni writer Adel Doshayla says, “The draft (peace) plan by the UN envoy Griffiths will undermine the Yemeni state project and pave the future for future armed militias. Source: Craker Sky.
  2. Yemenis are shocked as Houthis propagating a new name for Sana’a: The Prophet’s City. Source: Multiple websites.
  3. The army has downed a Houthi armed drone in Aljawf. Source: Multiple websites.
  4. Former Transports Minister: The collapse of fishery companies in Hadhramout is caused by the closure of Al-Rayan Airport. Source: Aden Alghad.
  5. (Some) Houthi militants refuse to go to warfronts after their comrades released in the recent prisoner exchange deal with the government found that their wives had already remarried. Source: Voice Yemen.

  6. The World Bank: Houthi ban on new banknotes exacerbated the economic crisis, reads the headline of Almanarahnet.

  7. The family of missing girl Abeer have received anonymous call from purported kidnappers in Sana’a demanding ransom. Abeer was reported missing by her family in Aden last week. Source: Adeng Alghad.

  8. FM receives credentials of new French ambassador. Source: Alhrar Net.

  9. One man was killed and two others were injured yesterday (Wednesday) in the highway between Alyatama and Aljawf regions (in north Yemen). Source: Aden Alghad.

  10. The Saudi mine action program MASAM has extracted more than 2000 landmines and UXOs in a single district (Mawzi’a) in Taiz province ever since the program started operating in Yemen. Source: Almeethaq.




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