UN arms embargo on Iran expires, where is the outcry?

UN arms embargo on Iran expires, where is the outcry?


By Waleed Bashar


Everyone knows that even with the UN’s Iran arms embargo in place, the Persian state was still able to arm the Houthis and ensure they have the upper hand against the Yemeni army – the only faction effectively banned from armament in rebel militia-infested Yemen! With advanced drones, ballistic missiles and millions of landmines, the terrorist theocratic Houthis outmatch even long established militaries in the region.

Using these arms, the militia killed, injured and otherwise ruined the lives of the majority of Yemen’s 30 million people; and shattered their dream in restoring the country back to the track of transition and democracy.

Now that the UN arms embargo on Iran has expired and the Persian state indicated its desire to sell its locally produced gear to whoever is interested, one can only imagine the magnitude of the arms sale shipments that Houthis will receive and the death and destruction that Yemeni cities like Marib and besieged Taiz and their population will suffer.

The western media outlets which have been taking up the wrong cause, shedding tears only over the sale of UK and US ammunition to the Arab Coalition citing “civilian casualty” concerns are not similarly prepared to stoke fears over Iran’s longstanding armament and the possible flooding of Yemen with arms after the expired ban. They think the size of Iranian armament is a joke.


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