UK threatens international sanctions on Yemen’s parties if not agree on peace

UK threatens international sanctions on Yemen’s parties if not agree on peace

Alsahwa Net- Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom (UK) Mission to the United Nations (UN), Jonathan Allen threatened on Thursday international sanctions by the UN Security Council on Yemen’s parties if failed to reach peace.

“UNSC sanctions are an important instrument in disrupting actions of targeted individuals and holding them to account. The use of sanctions, however, should be considered strategically and in the UNSC we seek to employ them to support the peace process,” Allen said.

He indicated that UNSC Resolution no. 2216 on Yemen remains fit for purpose that was established for five years ago.

He called on parties to the conflict to engage constructively with UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths on his proposals.

In an interview with Sana’a Center for Strategic studies, Allen said that the UN-led process is “the best chance for a sustainable peace in Yemen.”

“I want to reiterate my call for the Yemeni parties – by which I mean the government of Yemen just as much as the Houthis – to cooperate with UNSE Griffiths and to agree to his proposals as soon as possible,” Allen said.

He added that “the window of opportunity to end this conflict will close and it is in the hands of the parties to work with Martin Griffiths to reach an agreement. It is in their hands whether they are ready to act in the interests of their people or only in their own self-interest. If they do not, the Council should be ready to take action.”

He went on saying that a political settlement is the only way to bring long-term stability to Yemen and to address the worsening humanitarian crisis.

He indicated that “the UK is playing a leading role in responding to the crisis in Yemen both through its humanitarian response and using its diplomatic influence. The UK has used its role as penholder at the UN Security Council to help push the Yemen peace process forward.”

He highlighted the Safer tanker issue saying that “the UK, working with Germany, called a standalone UNSC session to raise awareness of this threat and establish international consensus that the Houthis need to urgently grant the UN access to the tanker to assess its condition and carry out urgent repairs.”

“Given the ship’s location, it is clear the Houthis are the blockers and it is they who will be held accountable should a leak occur,” he said.

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