News Digest from Yemeni websites

News Digest from Yemeni websites




  1. Dhamar: The Houthi militia bury 35 bodies of unknown men. Source of the story: Alhekma Net.
  2. Unknown gunmen assassinate military officer Naser Alfadhli in Aden. Source: Multiple websites.
  3. Houthi gunmen storm student graduation ceremony and force audience out. Source: Voice of Yemen.

Houthi militiamen kidnap three unsuspecting soldiers from their village and execute them immediately. Source: 26 September website.

  1. A cell of militants belonging to the UAE-backed Shabwani Elite militia were arrested trying to bomb a new oil tanker in al-Nushaymat (Arabian Sea) port. Source: Anaween Post.
  2. Yemen calls for firm international stance against Iranian aggressive and hostile conduct. Source: Multiple websites.
  3. Houthi warlord usurps an ordinary man’s plot of land at gunpoint. Source: Alsahwa Net.
  4. Houthis receive the Prophet’s Birth anniversary with mass extortion of people (levying illegitimate duties). Source:The Arab Network for News.

  5. Dozens of civilian casualties incurred and five houses destroyed by Houthi missile in Hodeidah. Source: Multiple websites.

  6. Saudi daily Okaz unveils that Houthis are planning new war in Hodeidah. Source: Multiple websites.

  7. Houthi missile destroys five houses in Hodeidah .

  8. Swarms of locusts attack farms in Lowder villages of Abyan. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  9. In an escalation (of the conflict), the STC militia conduct a military parade in the archipelago of Socotra. Source: Seerah Post.

  10. Police officer assassinated in Aden. Source: Alharf28
  11. Ankarah condemns the attack on a Turkish Red Crescent staff member in Aden. Source: Almasdaronline website.
  12. The UN Secretary Genera; says the Yemeni conflict has evolved from a local to a regional one. Source: Alharf 28.
  13. The Houthi militia have turned a public school in Aljawf province to a morgue for their increasingly fallen militants. Source: Almeethaq.
  14. Washington puts $5 mln bounty on the head of a Hezbollag figure in Yemen. Source: Multiple websites.

  15. Houthis formed a cell to spy on their own detainees freed in the recent prisoner exchange with the govt. Source: Multiple websites.

  16. A rights group says the Houthi militia are torturing female hostages they keep in Sana’a jails. Source: The Arab Network for News.

  17. A civil society organization[Volition to Counter Torture] unveils a horrific story of Houthi senior operative who kidnapped, raped and killed 18 boys in Sana’a. Headline of a story on Almanarah website.

  18. Infant polio reappears in three Yemeni provinces. Source: Multiple websites.

  19. The rejoice of Rashad family over the release of their son, a government soldier, Mohammed- under the latest prisoner exchange transaction between the government and Houthis - was short lived. Upon his release and arrival in Aden Airport, he (picture attached) was immediately taken to hospital and the happiness of his relatives vanished as soon as they found he had lost memory and no longer remembers anyone of them due to years of torture in Houthi jails.


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