Assassinations continue in Yemen South city of Aden

Assassinations continue in Yemen South city of Aden

Alsahwa Net- Unknown gunmen murdered on Tuesday evening one citizen in Al-Masnoura district of Aden, south Yemen.

Eyewitnesses said that the gunmen on a motorbike fired at a man named Nasser Abdulqadr Al-Ja’dani at Al-Kuthairi quarter intersection of Al-Mansora.

Al-Ja’adani died immediately and the armed men fled the scene to an unknown location.

The incident took place hours after one official of the Turkish Red Crescent survived assassination attempt.

The Turkish official was shot in his head and remains in a critical condition.

Aden saw murder of over 400 people including government officials, political leaders and security members between 2016 to early 2020.

All cases of assassination were reported against anonymous gunmen in the city that is run by the armed separatists affiliated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The biggest number of murders was reported in 2018 when many activists, religious leaders, government soldiers and political activists were assassinated.

All the assassination cases remained an unresolved mystery since no one case was investigated into or any arrests in connection with the crime were made.    

Investigative media reports revealed in 2018 that the UAE recruited American and other foreign mercenaries to carry out murder operations against Yemeni citizens in Aden.

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