Yemen files complaint against Iran to UN Security Council

Yemen files complaint against Iran to UN Security Council


Alsahwa Net-The government of Yemen sent on Monday a letter to the United Nations (UN) Security Council complaining Iran about its recent action on smuggling one of its militants to Yemen and appointing him as its envoy to the Houthis rebels.

The government said that the action flagrantly violates the international law and 2216 UNSC resolution on Yemen.

It highlighted the statement by the regime of Iran published by the Fars News Agency on 17 October by the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh on sending envoy to Sana’a named Hassn Irlou.

It affirmed that the continuation of such acts by Iran’s regime violate rules of the international law and breach Iran’s’ commitments to the UN covenant and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. 

It indicated that the sending of Iran’s envoy to the Houthis might enable the Houthis to act on behalf of Yemen at the UN which confirms bad intentions by Tehran to Yemen.

The government said that Iran received credentials to the Houthis’ representative as ambassador of the latter on 19 November 2020 whereby the former handed the latter premises of Yemen’s diplomatic mission in Tehran.

It affirmed that defending rules of the international law is a collective responsibility that all members of the UN must play their role.

It reiterated its right to make whatever it sees proper to maintain its entity and that anything comes out of its occupied mission in Tehran is null.

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