YJS documents 22 violations against press freedom over three months

YJS documents 22 violations against press freedom over three months

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) said on Sunday that it has documented 22 violations inflicted on the press freedoms between July to late September of this year.

The YJS said that these new violations were being committed while 19 journalists remain in captivity for over five years. The Houthis hold 16 of the total detained journalists.

Two journalists are being held by the government; one in Marib and the other in Hadhramaut, according to the YJS.

The Al-Qaeda holds one journalist of the total abducted reporters in Yemen.

It said that it reported six cases of threatening against journalists and media organizations.

Four journalists received death threats and others were threatened with shutdown of their media institutions.

It added that the Houthis continue refusing the release of five detained journalists despite the judiciary order to set them free.

It renewed its rejection to impunity of perpetrators of crimes against journalists that have mounted with the war.

It called again for the release of all detained journalists including those who are being held by the Houthis and the government and asked for respect to the press and the international laws and covenants that maintain the press protection.


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