Following their defeat, Houthis call for ceasefire in Hodeida

Following their defeat, Houthis call for ceasefire in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis called for a ceasefire in Hodeida following their failed seven-day attack to release their besieged fighters in the center of Al-Duraihmi district, south Hodeida.

However, the Houthis often ask for calm when they fail to progress in the fighting to just prepare for a new adventure. 

The Houthis started a fresh attack in Hodeida upon failing of their military campaign to capture Marib.

Though the Houthis’ attack against Marib started with the first phase of the COVID-19 outbreak back in April, they rejected then the ceasefire call by the United Nations (UN) Secretary General to cease the fighting and focus efforts on responding to the coronavirus spread.

On the other hand, the Houthis kept sending thousands of its fighters to west and south Marib believing that conditions that assisted them to advance in Nehm, would work also in Marib.

They coordinated with terror militants who were in control of some parts of eastern Al-Baida and led large-scale offensive on Mahliya district of Marib. They took over Mahliya and advanced into Al-Rahba district with support from tribal leaders on connection with the Houthis in Sana’a.   

Yet, the government forces and the local tribesmen rearranged themselves and defeated the Houthis and pushed them back to the border of Al-Baida.

Moreover, the Houthis sustained loss of thousands of fighters in the most violent rounds of their attacks to capture Marib.

With this failure in Marib, the Houthis sent four key battalions of their indoctrinated fighters towards south Hodeida to release dozens of their fighters who have been blocked in Al-Duraihmi district for two years.

Those fighters have been taking residents as human shields and banning everyone from departure.

 Yet, they failed to do so following fierce response by the government’s forces that foiled the attack.

This drove the Houthis to express commitment to the Stockholm agreement amid their two-year defiance to the implementation of the agreement.

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