Defense Minister: Armed forces to make waiting victory

Defense Minister: Armed forces to make waiting victory

Alsahwa Net- Minister of Defense, General Mohamed Al-Maqdashi, said that the Yemeni army and the resistance forces will make the victory which the Yemeni people have been waiting for.

In a field visit to the military units battling the rebel forces around Sana’a, Al-Maqdashi said that the armed forces are determined to restore the rights of the people to decent life and achieve aspirations in building a promising future.

He called on the national political forces to stand united against the Houthis rebels who capitalize on disputes among pro- government forces.

He said that everyone must assume responsibility towards ending remnants of the Imamates that attempt to change Yemen into an Iranian offshoot.

He appreciated the Saudi support to the Yemeni armed forces to restore Yemen’s security and stability.

“We have our eyes on Sana’a and Sa’ada. Nothing will stop us from restoring the land and we have no choice, but to make the victory or to die for the sake of the homeland,” Al-Maqdashi said.

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