Griffiths calls for de-escalation in Hodeida

Griffiths calls for de-escalation in Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, called on Thursday on de-escalation in Hodeida and respect to commitments to the ceasefire agreement.

The Houthis have been waging large-scale attacks in various parts of Hodeida for the seventh day in a row in defiance to the truce brokered by the Stockholm agreement signed late 2018.

Griffiths’ Office published a statement on Thursday saying that the envoy is following with deep concern the recent military escalation in Hodeida province and the reports on casualties among civilians including women and children.

"This military escalation not only constitutes a violation of the Hodeida ceasefire agreement but it runs against the spirit of the ongoing UN-facilitated negotiations that aim to achieve a nationwide ceasefire, humanitarian and economic measures and the resumption of the political process," Griffiths said.

"I have been engaging with all sides. I call on them to immediately stop the fighting, respect the commitments they made under the Stockholm agreement, and engage with UNMHA’s joint implementation mechanisms”, he added.

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