Houthi militant kills one citizen over piece of chocolate

Houthi militant kills one citizen over piece of chocolate

Alsahwa Net-A Houthis gunman killed on Wednesday one citizen in Ibb province over a piece of chocolate.

 The incident is part of growing insecurity in the Houthis-held Ibb province whereby murder crimes are taking place almost every day.

Local sources said that Mohamed Najib Al-Zumar, a graduate student of civil engineering who works at the Green Basket Grocery in Qahza area, west Ibb was killed following his demand to Houthi gunman to pay for one chocolate he took from the grocery.

Yet, the gunman took his gun and shot him dead immediately.

In a similar incident, local sources in Raima province, said that one Houthis official executed one educator in Bilad Al-Ta’am district.

Ironically, the world celebrates on 5th October the teacher’s day, yet this poor teacher was awarded with death by the Houthis official in his hometown.

The sources confirmed that Abdo Al-Ashwal from Raima was killed by the Houhis supervisor in Bilad Al-Ta’am.

The sources said that the Houthis leader in Raima killed Al-Ashawl for taking photos of the first while illegal taking over plots of land in the district.

The Houthis who toppled the government in late 2014 often kill citizens for very simple reasons amid widespread intimidations and persecutions against anyone being suspected of holding dissidence beliefs.

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