Journalists condemn government’s negligence to their fellow detainees

Journalists condemn government’s negligence to their fellow detainees

Alsahwa Net- Several journalists held a sit-in in Taiz on Tuesday in support to the release of detained journalists in the Houthis-run prisons.

Participants of the sit-in condemned the negligence by government and the United Nations (UN) envoy to Yemen to the issue of detained reporters.

A statement by the participants said that the elimination of detained journalists from the upcoming release list is a black point in the human rights record and a disgrace mark upon the UN that sponsored the release plan.

It added that the position by the government delegation to the Geneva talks has disappointed the media personnel as no one spoke about the detained journalists’ rights for the release.

It affirmed that silence towards continuation of the detained journalists in the prison during the past five years mark involvement into the illegal impunity of perpetrators. 

It demanded immediate release of all detained media professionals and that they be redressed for injustice they had for over five years in Houthis-run custody.

It also rejected treatment of journalists as military prisoners and condemned intentional   negligence by the UN Envoy to the detained reporters.

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