Satellite images suggests Safer oil spill begins

Satellite images suggests Safer oil spill begins

Alsahwa Net- Satellite images have shown that oil spill began from the Safer Supertanker floating off the Ras Issa port, north Hodeida province in the Red Sea.

The oil spill threatens a large-scale environmental disaster that will affect the entire region.

Tanker Trackers website tweeted on Saturday a satellite photo of the Safer tanker that has 34 storage compartments.

The photo shows that the oil spill from the tanker occurred two weeks ago into the Red Sea and that large amount has breached the water, according to website.

The United Nations (UN) and the Houthis failed on Friday to sign an urgent repairing agreement to the Safer tanker following Houthis refusal of the agreement draft.

The Office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen and the Houthis officials agreed during the Friday’s virtual meeting to hold a new meeting on Tuesday for signing the agreement if the Houthis’ comments have been met.

Oil experts warned in mid-September that oil spill began from the Safer tanker and oil spots were seen 50 KMs west of the vessel.

Over 1.1 million oil barrels are at risk of spill off Yemen’s western coast.

The legitimate government accuses the Houthis of using the Safer tanker a bargaining chip for political extortion amid their constant ban to the UN experts to access the tanker.

Saudi Arabia warned last week the UN Security Council about risks of oil spill out of the Safer tanker that has began in the Red Sea.

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