Press and Social Media Summary

Press and Social Media Summary



  1. In their areas of control, the Houthi militia have distributed forms to the Education Ministry branch offices to collect personal information about teachers. The forms (pictured) classify teachers on a sectarian basis in that the offices have to gather and fill out all the necessary personal information on the teachers of the public school under their supervision including the teacher’s “political affiliation.” Source: Yemen Sky website.

  2. Tensions are high between government forces in Shabwah and UAE forces occupying the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas plant in the province. The tensions arose amidst increasing governmental calls and public protests to demand the UAE forces out of the facility allow Yemen resume its biggest industrial project and stand on own feet again. Source of the story multiple news websites.
  3. The two rebel militias of Houthis and STCs have stepped up their attacks against the government-held regions in the northern frontlines in Marib and southern frontline of Abyan respectively, several media outlets reported. The army accused the STC of using armed drones to hit its sites and violate the ceasefire.

  4. The army backed by tribal supporters have repelled fierce Houthi advance attempts in the peripheries of Marib. Source of the story: Multiple media outlets.
  5. The army spokesman said the army has shifted from defense to offense tactics causing Houthi militants to flee in the fronts of Marib, Aljawf and Sana’a. Source: Multiple wbesites.
  6. Marib is impregnable in the face of the Iranian militia, reads the headline of a story in Yemen Talk website.
  7. The Houthi militia have brought new reinforcement of fighters from Al-Awd in central Yemen’s Ibb to the cities of Marib and Aljawf. Source: Khabar news agency.
  8. The Houthi militia have shelled villages in Aljabaliya region in Hodeidah. Source: Aden Alghad website.
  9. A man killed his wife with a Janbiya dagger and smashed her head with an axe in Dhamar. Source: Almashed Alyemeni website.
  10. Acute internal disputes are roiling the Houthi militia. Source: Multiple websites.



Social Media

  1. A father has tortured his son so cruelly in Mahweet. If we also notice the increasing rate of crimes rate and their cruelty, it looks like Houthis have electrified many of the public to become like them, Eyad Bajjash says on Facebook.

  2. Five hundred Houthi fighters, mostly newly recruited black Yemenis, took Aljidaan front of Marib by storm yesterday before the army recptured the area and pushed them back. The Houthi attempts on Marib continue non-stop. The militia yesterday shelled Taiz too, targeting schools in day one of the school year. The UN, being totally biased in favor of the Iranian militia, stays tightlipped, waiting for the next Houthi unproven claim that a horse stable was hit by an airstrike in Sana'a. Then it will bellow. A Facebook post by Abu Al-Hassan


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