Official: Hodeida clashes endangers Safer-oil tanker

Official: Hodeida clashes endangers Safer-oil tanker

Alsahwa Net- An official of the Safer Exploration and Production Operations said that the Safer Super-oil tanker is at greater risk of explosion due to intense fighting escalated this week in Hodeida.

Military sources in Hodeida said that the Houthis escalated their attacks against the pro-government forces during the past few days which required response by the joint forces to stop the Houthis’ advancement.

In a quote to the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper, the Safer official said that risks are increasing to the tanker because it is located within the combating zone.

He said that the tanker might be hit by error by any party which makes it a time-bomb that threatens everyone.

The floating tanker docked in the Red Sea, off Ras Issa oil port, north Hodeida has been left with no repairing since 2015.

Over one million barrels of oil could spill from the tanker into the sea water which will cause large-scale environmental and humanitarian disaster.

The Houthis reversed earlier their agreement on permission to allow the United Nations (UN) experts access the tanker for assessment and repairing.


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