Houthis negligence brings back polio outbreak in Yemen

Houthis negligence brings back polio outbreak in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis’ negligence has contributed to the return of epidemics and infectious diseases that were eradicated by national efforts led by past successive governments.

The polio returned in the Houthis-held Sa’ada province following 14 years Yemen was announced free of the virus.

Official medical sources confirmed that 16 cases of the polio were reported in Sa’ada.

UN health officials called on the Houthis to permit deployment of medical teams to vaccinate the children against the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 2006 Yemen free of Polio as a result of support by partners in collaboration with the national authority towards its elimination.

Minister of Public Health and Population, Nasser Baoum stated earlier that his ministry reported 16 confirmed cases of polio among children in Sa’ada.

He said that the Houthis is to be blamed for the return of the disease because the group officials banned the ministry and medical organizations from implementing the vaccination campaigns in Sa’ada and other Houthis-held provinces.

He called on the international community to promptly intervene by exercising pressures on the Houthis to permit implementation of vaccinating campaigns against the polio-life threatening virus in Sa’ada, Hajja and Mahwit. 

The government-run Supreme National Emergency Committee cautioned about the return of the disease outbreak in more than one province of the Houthis-held territory.

It also held the Houthis accountable to the polio outbreak in Sa’da and Hajja because of constant impeding to the vaccinating workforces to reach children.

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