Death of 1,500 educators over six years

Death of 1,500 educators over six years

Alsahwa Net-The Spokesman of the Yemeni Teachers Union, Yahya Al-Yanaee said that 1,579 educators were killed by the Houthis between late September 2014 to early October 2020.

Al-Yanaee said that 81 of the murdered educators were principals and administrative staff and the rest were teachers.

He said that the union documented 14 cases of death under torture among detained teachers in Houthis-run prisons in Sana’a, Hodeida, Hajja and Sa’ada.

He explained that 2,642 educators were injured in Houthis’ attacks that caused permanent disability among the injured.

The Houthis were blamed for the detention and enforced disappearances of 621 teachers in Hodeida, Dhamar and Sana’a, according to Al-Yanaee.

36 of the detained teachers have been forcibly disappeared by the Houthis, he added.

Over 20,000 educators were forced to leave home and schools of the Houthis-held areas for the government-held areas or abroad.

He appealed to the international community to provide solid protection to Yemen’s educators who have been vulnerable to murder, torture, kidnapping and forcible displacement by the Houthis.  

He called for the need to expose Houthis’ attacks against educators and to keep education distant from the ongoing conflict.

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