Press Summary – Saturday 2020-10-03

Press Summary – Saturday 2020-10-03

  1. The capital of Socotra is seeing heavy clashes this evening between the Southern Transitional Council and Popular Resistance force who refuse the militia’s illegal control on the archipelago. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.

  2. As calls mount for resuming the operation of Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas (Yemen LNG) to export gas and generate revenues for Yemen, the UAE forces occupying this- biggest industrial Yemeni- facility have brought a battalion STC separatists to consolidate grip on it and prevent its return to the government.

The vicinity of the occupied facility is seeing frequent protests by local people of Shabwa and Faculty of Oil graduates who want the facility re-operated to generate revenues and create jobs. Source: Multiple news websites.

  1. The army declares Aljawf liberated from Houthis save the provincial capital Alhazm. Source: Several websites.

  2. A number of Yemeni ministers who last week returned from Saudi Arabia to Yemen and stayed in Marib have now moved to Shabwa province. The ministers of Sports, Health and Religious Endowments met Shawa governor and are expected to inaugurate developmental projects. Source: Al-Rashad Press website.

  3. The enemies of the national army have increased from a couple, Houthis and STC, to triple with Al-Qaeda’s joining of the battle represented by Friday’s terror attack against the government forces in Mahrah. Source Masadernet website.
  4. Price of vegetables have skyrocketed in Aden as a result of the Riyal’s devaluation. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. One thousand Houthi militants were killed in massive invasion attempts against government-held cities especially Marib last September, military sources said. Source: 26 September, the Defense Ministry’s news website.

  6. As many as 2145 civilians were killed and injured by landmines the Houthi militia have so far planted in 18 districts of Taiz province, the Supervisor of the Saudi mine action program MASAM’s engineering teams Aref Al-Qahtani said. Source: Al-Mashehad Alkhaleeji.

  7. In a letter to President Hadi, Aden Seaports Administration has warned that the closure of Aden seaports serves the Houthi-held Hodeidah Seaport. Southern separatists have for days been staging a sit-in in front of Aden Seaport to demand unpaid “due claims” from the Arab Coalition. The protesters disallowed the offload of imported fuel. It is widely believed that the UAE incited the protesters to close the Seaport. Source: Alharf 28 website.
  8. Clashes have renewed between the army and the STC militia in Abyan. Source: Al-Rashad Press website.


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