Fuel shortage again in Aden

Fuel shortage again in Aden

Alsahwa Net- The fuel black market appeared again in Aden following new fuel shortage caused by ongoing protest nearby the city’s port by military personnel.

Vehicle drivers said in conversations with Alsahwa Net that they saw the fuel being sold on streets across districts of Aden that sell the gas four folds the formal price.

The price of 20-liter gas reached YR20,000 ($33) and the 20-liter diesel reached YR23,000 ($39), drivers said.

Military personnel shut down last Sunday gates of Aden port and blocked roads leading to the Petroleum Company plant in Al-Mulla which led to the ongoing gas shortage in the city.

The gas shortage led to soaring prices of fruits and vegetables that adds new burden on citizens who already suffer volatile economic situation.

For some vegetables, the price increased 300 percent. The one Kg of tomatoes reached YR1,200 and potatoes increased to YR800 for one Kg.



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