The difference between two prisoners exchanged

The difference between two prisoners exchanged

It is common that lies are detected and exposed by other people a while later. But it is rare that a liar makes the lie and at the same time, without his knowledge, exhibits the evidence that proves he is a liar

Shortly after his release from a government-jail in Marib, Houthi cleric Yahya Aldaylami said in a sermon to his followers in Sana’a that the jail officers “in Marib “hang over any man in their custody to the extent that they (the prisoner) can’t use their hands if they enter the toilette and that (hand paralysis) lasts for three months.”

Aldaylami had been released in a prisoner exchange on 22nd September and a couple of days later made these remarks. He was speaking vibrantly, hold the microphone and otherwise using his hands dexterously.

His remarks drew a wave of anger and disdain in social media for he, himself in perfect health of hands and overall body, was a witness against his lies.

By his remarks, he also sparked compare and contrast articles on human rights situation in the jails of both sides with the health conditions of the released prisoners used as the criteria.

The photo and video of Aldaylami himself represented Houthis released from government jails. Mohammed Al-Subari, a government soldier, represented a government soldier in Houthi jails.

Versus Aldaylami in complete health, Al-Subari was dead, his body, frozen for long time, looks black with signs of torture by electrocution and electrical drills!!

"This hypocrite Aldaylami blatantly claims prisoners are tortured in Marib jail until their hands lose movement ability, although his right hand moves and his left one grips the microphone. Like him is also Ibn Jihaf who came out of the jail (health and vibrant) as though he had been in a picnic. On the other hand, those who came out of (Houthi) jails were already dead, paralyzed or otherwise maimed, such as Jamal Almaamari and a long list of prisoners,” journalist Sam Alghubari wrote on Twitter.

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